Add A Coach To Lead Your Program

Assigning dynamic and engaging individuals as coaches increases program participation and engagement amongst employees. With Reaction, you have the option to add yourself, another employee or invite an external expert as a coach to lead the group.


Coaches can:

1. Track program participant progress

2. Create/Host onsite or livestream events

3. Receive Smart Tips to guide how they engage users

Coaches do not have access to personal data of participants not relevant to their progress, including but not limited to contact information (phone or email)

How to set up a coach


On your group page - click on “Coach”, then in “Group coaches” click “+”


If you want to invite yourself as a coach, or you know who you want to assign as a coach, click “Invite a Champion”. Invite the coach by entering an email, or copy and pasting the link into a message to the coach.


The coach will receive an invitation to download the Reaction Coach app, which requires logging in with a Facebook, Google or Apple account and providing some basic details.


After completing this registration, the coach will be connected to the program!

From the Reaction Coach app, coaches can see the program, Playbooks and participants. Exclusively through this app, a coach can:

- Access the group chat

- Access your company feed

- Chat directly with participants

- Create/Host onsite and livestream events

Having trouble logging in? Please contact us