Create live events for your company

With the Reaction platform you can manage one calendar for all company non-work related events, track registration and attendance, automatically create recordings of events and allow members to seamlessly join events.

Events are created exclusively in the Reaction Coach app

Here’s how:

1. From your group page, click on Coach Anna and add yourself, or the event host as a coach. If you are not sure how to add a coach click here.

2. From the Coach app, click on “Events” and then click “Create”.

3. Choose “Live-streaming” to create a live event.

4. Complete relevant details and create your event!

Once the event has been created, all members will receive a notification.

From the Event section on the admin screen, you can see all events created for your company by yourself or by experts you invited. Click on the event to see the number of registrations and details.

On the Reports section, you can track attendance. For live events, the system marks attendance automatically while for onsite events, coaches can mark attendance on their app.