Coach in Less Time, With Better Results

With our AI Coach Assistant

At Your Service 

The Reaction Club Coach app will enable you to create a group, send personal online training programs to each member, monitor progress in real-time, and schedule group sessions.


The AI Coach Assistant will help you discover when members need your attention to ensure they stay on track.



Create 1 or Many Groups

Invite members to join a group with a simple click of a link, and easily communicate with each individual, group, or the entire club.


Select Online Training Plans

The coach assistant will notify you when members complete workouts.


Schedule Face-To-Face or Online Sessions

When creating an event for a group or a club, all of its members will receive an invitation to join. The coach assistant will send them reminders and help you track their attendance.


Create A Community

The coach assistant will ask members to share feedback and photos of their sessions with you and the group to help you create stickiness in order to hold the community together.


Track Participation And Retention

To accommodate your work with more people while still knowing exactly what stage each member is at, you’ll be able to access history, track progress, and receive important insights to help you retain high participation.


Manage Payments

Starting on January 19th, you’ll be able to charge your group members. Set your fee for online training plans and events or charge a monthly subscription fee for group membership- it's up to you!

Maria R, Trainee, Ukraine

It’s the most personal coaching experience I’ve had so far. It's really cool when I finish my weekend run and a few minutes later, I receive feedback from my coach!

Noa H, Coach, Israel

I love that the app notifies me when users haven’t been active for a few days. It allows me to make sure I don’t forget anyone.

Let’s Grow Together!

We believe in the power of community and we know that helping our community members grow will strengthen all of us together. Tag us on Instagram (@reactionclub) or LinkedIn (Reaction Club) and we will feature and promote your account to potential trainees in your area.