Meet Our Coaching Tools


AI Coach Assistant

A smart, digital assistant will help you coach more people, for maximum results in minimum time. Receive notifications when your attention is needed and let your assistant help share the load.

The Best Thing? It Actually Costs You Nothing!

As a coach, you will be able to describe your service (i.e. weekly onsite sessions and/or an online plan for each employee), set your fee for every group member, and a minimum number of participants to open a group. We simply add our service fee on top of this price. Yes, that means you’ll receive exactly what you are charging - no sharing! Member fees are calculated based on your coaching fee, the playbook fee (if applied), and our service fee.

Get Paid For Your Success.

Most companies struggle to drive successful wellness programs, but we know that with top experts and the right technology, ours will be a success. With our monthly subscription payment structure, you can get rewarded for the effort you do to support employees both online and onsite.


The more you increase the size of your group and company’s participation rate, the higher the compensation you’ll receive in return.

Can Anyone Coach Companies Using Reaction Club?

To maintain the quality of Reaction coaching, only experts with proven coaching experience can coach companies through Reaction.


We carefully designed a verification process ensuring companies value experts according to their coaching abilities. Please read below to understand what it takes to be a corporate wellness expert with Reaction.

Download the Reaction Coach App.

Set up a profile, verify your identity and your coaching legal certifications.

If you have already worked with companies, add past certifications and a contact in the corporate world. 

Create a group on the Reaction app and coach at least 3 members. The members will be requested to rate your coaching between 1 to 5. If you have not coached at companies in the past, you will need to coach at least 8 members. You can charge your group members a fee for coaching, and take as much time as you need to gain experience.

Once you receive ratings, your profile will appear on the company’s Reaction platform. From then onwards, they will be able to connect with you directly. Don’t worry, we will also send you openings when companies are on the search.

Can I Use Reaction For My Own Clients Coaching?

Yes! Although coaching companies requires experience, you can still use the Reaction Club Coach App to create your personal groups and invite members to join. Once you have started coaching members successfully, you’ll begin to receive offers from top companies.