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Using the Reaction Club Coach app, I grew my online club and connected with top corporate clients in just a few months. My clients love the app, and I enjoy working with more people and achieving better results. I highly recommend Reaction! 

Tal, Strong Mama Fitness Club

Let Reaction Help You…

Create custom training programs, including recorded sessions

Schedule and track attendance for online and offline sessions

Engage your community, increase retention and reduce churn


01. Login to Reaction

Step By Step


Log in to Reaction with your Google/Facebook account

Onboard Your Members with a Personalized, Flexible and Social Experience

Help them start their journey with a custom plan from our library and send them a message to motivate them, right from the start!

Both apps are free of charge to download, and your members won't be charged anything to participate.

Monitor Client Progress and Adapt Programs Over Time

Oversee your members’ progress, and gain insights with easy-to-read reports and engage your community, all in the Reaction Coach App! Use “Program Modes” to change the group settings. 

Schedule Face-to-Face and Live Group Sessions

Save yourself and your clients time! Through our Events feature, inviting clients and tracking registration and participation is a breeze. The “Event” tab lets you schedule sessions, share details and automatically invite your members to RSVP! Stay organized and sync your events with your calendar.

Build Your Reputation and Client Base

When you coach through the ReactionCoach app, you receive points for your clients’ progress and your engagement in the app! Based on this, you earn a rating that corporate companies and potential clients can use when they search for wellness experts.

Connect Directly with Companies in Your Area

Ready to take your business to the next level? The Reaction Club Coach App has a “Jobs” feature on the side panel that you can activate at any time- letting corporate companies and other potential clients know you are out there! Receive offers and inquiries matched to your unique profile and communicate directly with clients in the app. No additional fees!

Try ReactionCoach  for Free!

Download the app today and use it for free for up to 6 clients.


ReactionCoach Packages

Choose the subscription that fits your needs, and expand as your business grows! All subscriptions are month to month, with the option to cancel at any time.

I'm so grateful to be part of the Virtually Together initiative and support people's wellbeing through the Reaction app. Connecting directly with the company increased my earnings but also makes me feel that my impact is more meaningful and appreciated.

Max, Nutrition Expert