Bridge the Gap (BTG) HR

At Reaction Club, we believe that running can Bridge The Gap between cultures, races, and languages. It's our tool to drive an inclusive, diverse, and accepting society

An invite-only project, designed to bring together 20 HR decision makers

Reaction Club will help you run your first and best 5k/10k at the Tel Aviv marathon events (28/2/2020), and together we will gather to support a refugee athletes living in Israel.

Run & make a difference 

Whether you are willing to complete your first ever 5k or break your 10k personal-best,

The coach will personalize a training journey for you, and as a community, we will support each other along the way. No experience is needed.

What you will receive in the 8-week journey:


A personal training plan built for your schedule and needs by a running coach


A weekly group session at Yarkon Park, Tel Aviv


24/7 coach support and program updates as needed.


A monthly event, led by nutrition, well-being, and mindfulness experts. 


A few more surprises :)

Criteria to Join

Please note that this is an invite-only project with limited spots. The project is 100% funded by Reaction Club. To ensure all participants are fully committed, we have set a cost of 250ILS that will be donated in full to support Loui's Olympic training journey.

How to join?

Fill in your details below. Register for your desired distance on the Tel Aviv Marathon website and send us a copy of the confirmation 

Terms of Use