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Push Members to Become the Best They Can Be

Coach health habits programs

Programs to ignite culture & growth

Create bespoke journeys to challenge and enhance teams

Seamlessly deliver interactive training programs to teams. Turn colleagues into motivators. Transform traditional wellness programs into practical tools to build a healthy workplace culture.

Design enjoyable and easy to follow programs using these 'Smart Tasks'


Best for video, text and images


Best for meditation, podcasts and audio files


Best for combining multiple exercises into one workout

Workplace step competition global


Best for step counting programs and challenges

Run (Coming Soon)

Best for running workouts

Hydrate (Coming Soon)

Best for encouraging hydration

Built-in engagement mechanism

Motivational communities

Members will be encouraged to share their experience after completing tasks. Allowing them to motivate each other and enabling you to create better-connected teams.

Points & rewards

Encourage Participation

Reward participation in wellness programs with points. Create an in-app store, allowing members to exchange their points for prizes.

Coaching assistant

Expand your reach

Coach more people and achieve better results by utilising Anna, your virtual coaching assistant. She’ll spot potential problems with members and suggest specific actions to keep them engaged.

Ready to use library

Deliver a broader range of services with our ready to use library of professional wellness programs


  • Steps competition
  • Better together
  • Plank challenge
  • Healthy habits


  • Eat healthier, move more
  • 8 Weeks weight loss
  • Boost your immune system 
  • 15-day plant-based eating


  • Run your first 5k
  • Pilates for intermediates 
  • Functional workouts 
  • Build better habits


  • Meditation for beginners
  • Goal Setting
  • Build resilience 
  • Learn to take a break

Frequently asked questions

It is entirely free to create training programs using the Reaction platform. However, there are set fees to pay when you start using the programs to train members. We keep these fees as affordable as possible and invest profits back into the business to finance the building of even better software and the creation of advanced features.

We appreciate that you work exceptionally hard to create the best possible programs. Therefore, we ensure nobody else can use your programs without your express permission.

Yes, you certainly can. Any programs you create can be used to serve as many companies and their employees as you want.

Building a high-quality app costs thousands of pounds – money most can’t afford to spend. By working in partnership with Reaction, you’ll receive the best possible content and services, along with high-quality logistics, without having to pay an exorbitant price.

Reaction uses an app-like structure to guide members, measure their progress and receive any feedback they might have – something that leads to higher engagement and greater retention.

Companies implement corporate wellness programs not only to increase health levels amongst employees but also to foster a sense of togetherness. By working with a group dynamic, Reaction allows members to encourage and motivate others, connecting them and boosting team morale.

Yes, they can. The number of programs members can take part in is entirely down to your discretion. Enable members to combine programs or restrict them to just one – it’s completely your call.

You don’t need to know anything about coding to build your Reaction platform. We’ve designed Reaction to be exceptionally easy to use, allowing everyone to create the kind of interactive programs they need.

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