Playbook Developer Studio

Innovate and Engage Your Members

With the Playbook Developer Studio, you can create content playlists (courses) and Reaction's mechanism elevates them to be comprehensive, highly engaging programs.

*Content uploaded by you is exclusively yours and others can’t use it without your permission.

Create your first Playbook:


Log in to Reaction using your Facebook or Google account.


On the side panel menu, click “Playbooks”, then open the Playbook Developer Studio.


Choose “My Playbook”, then click “Create New”.


Give your Playbook a name, description and upload a photo. If this Playbook is for your own use, leave the “FEE” field as 0. If you would like to offer this Playbook for subscription to other companies and coaches, type in your per user /per month fee.

*Please note that if you choose to add subscription fees, your Playbook must be approved by Reaction before it can be published to the Playbooks store.


Click “Create” to see your first plan. Within a Playbook,  you can have up to 12 different plans. Edit your plan name and description.


Add Tasks and Steps to your plan! You can control how many days a step lasts. The Step default is 7 days ie after 7 days, the plan will automatically progress to the next Step. To create a 10-day program for example, you can create a 10 -step program, and edit each step to 1 day.


Once you have created your desired number of Steps, it’s time to start adding Tasks. Select “Add Task” to get started. Choose from our three Task categories: Basic, Voice and Train.

Basic - Include a picture or video (up to 30 minutes) and description of the task:

On your app, a basic task will look like this:

Voice tasks - Include a voice recording, such as a meditation, in addition to picture/video and a description:

In your app, a Voice task will look like this:

Train- Include a series of  short videos. This is great for HIIT workouts, as well as routines with warm ups and cool downs:

In your app, a Train task will look like this:

*NEW* Step task - set a step counting goal

In your app, a Steps task will look like this:

Your Plan in the Development Studio and in the app

Test your Playbook

Once you are ready to test your Playbook, return to the Admin Cockpit, create a Group and add your Playbook. Then invite yourself to the Group, to see and use the Playbook from the user’s perspective. Not sure how to create a Group? Click Here

Track member progress in real-time

Add yourself as a group Coach to track member progress in real-time. Click here to learn more.

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