Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start using the Reaction Club App?

The Reaction Club App is accessible exclusively by invitation from your employer or coach. Click on the invitation link or scan your QR code to login. If your invitation isn't working please contact us. Watch this video to learn how to login and get started!

How does the point system work?

You can earn points for completing tasks in your plan: 1 point for completing a recorded task and 2 points for joining an event. (live session and/or a meetup) Points are a fun way to evaluate you and your coworker crew’s progress and engage in some friendly competition! Watch the leaderboard to see who is working hard and come up with your own reward system offline!

Who is Coach Anna?

Anna is our digital coach assistant born and raised in the Reaction AI labs! Anna's goal is to assist real human coaches to help people become better versions of themselves. If your employer hasn’t found a coach yet, Anna will help you!. Anna can analyze your progress and help you stay on track. But please bear in mind that Anna is still learning human language, so her feedback might feel silly sometimes. However, she will learn and try her best to support you until a real coach can replace her, and she can step aside as an assistant.

Can I participate in more than one program at the same time?

No, our programs are designed for you to complete them one at a time. Once you finish a program, you can feel a real sense of pride before you move onto the next! Staying focused on one plan increases your chances of completing it by 5X.

How much time am I given to complete my tasks?

At the top of your program screen, you will see your program's task tracker. You can see which week/day of the program you are in and receive a push to complete a task on time. Once you start a plan, the clock starts ticking! To keep yourself accountable, make sure you finish all of your tasks before time is up and it moves to the next task.

Can I go back to previous tasks once the time has expired?

You can complete the tasks in a current step as many times as you want. After you completed a task, you can find in the task screen an option to redo the task. However, to move a step forward or backward or pause your program, you will need to ask your coach to do that for you from the ReactioncCoach app.

Can my coach see my progress?

Your group coach has a dedicated coach app that sends a notification when you complete a task or when you are inactive for 5 days or more. Your coach cannot see your workout, access your phone, location, or any other personal data. The coach can only see your program progress to help you stay on track.

Having trouble logging in? Please contact us