Leverage the power of data to unlock your employees’ best performance, while engaging and uplifting them. See progress in real-time and bolster an enduring employer brand.

Let Silicon Valley Industry Expert, Nellie Hayat, guide you on your journey with Reaction to improve your workforce engagement scores and create a best-in-class employee experience.

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Nellie Hayat

Co-founder of Workplaced and former Workplace Strategist at Stripe.

Nellie works with the most innovative tech companies to design their employee and workplace experiences. She helps them create and implement programs that foster happiness, wellbeing, inclusion, belonging, engagement, and performance with a strong focus on employees’ mental, physical and emotional health for the long-term success of companies.

(WES) Workforce Engagement Score

Reaction calculates a WES score, to both track and assess your employee health, engagement and brand connection over time. Gain valuable insights to improve your score as your workforce becomes more motivated and primed to innovate.

The Process

It starts with a series of 1:1, comprehensive sessions with Nellie to build your strategy, and program plans

Stage 1

Define long-term goals and what success will look like.

Nellie will help you identify KPI’s consistent with the overall mission and strategy of your organization.As a part of this, you will get a comprehensive business plan for proposal and approval by your leadership

Stage 3

Foster a high-performance, positive and dynamic workplace culture.

Monitor and analyze people metrics with the Workplace Engagement Score (WES) and more, all on your Reaction Dashboard. Nellie will be your personal consultant, providing insight and advice on how to best adapt your programs, and communicate results with your leadership team

Stage 2

Develop and implement employee experience programs.

Nellie will support you in setting up the Reaction platform and its programs including: onboarding, wellness, training & development, communities and internal communication

The Outcome

We will help you increase your Workforce Engagement Score by 25% in 6 month or less


Get your employees excited to engage and enhance your brand awareness as a real competitor amongst the best workplaces to work


Build a sense of belonging, joy and commitment among your employees to reduce churn.


Watch your employees’ performance and productivity soar as Reaction nurtures their individual and team motivation.

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