The most personalised employee wellbeing solution to date.

A real coach will help each one of your employees build their ultimate wellbeing routine, track their progress and motivate them to make sure they’re sticking to it.

"Thanks to my coach, I'm staying active and actually enjoying it. If you are looking for a wellness app, this is the one"

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Individually tailored whilst maintaining the social element that is so vital in the workplace

Personalised program

We will customise a routine to help employees reach their goals

Real coach

A real coach who will check in and motivate


Daily habit tracking device connected to the app

Points & rewards

Earning points for completing tasks and redeem them for rewards

Live events

Special sessions such as nutrition workshop and workouts

Team support

Employees will support and inspire each other

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Each employee will receive a company branded pack with a Samsung habit tracker watch, an access to the company club on the Reaction app. A coach will track their progress, motivate and help them build better wellbeing habits.


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