Playbook: Your Key To Engagement

Playbooks are like apps within the Reaction system. They contain content playlists with a mechanism designed to engage users with content.

Reaction gives you access to free, built-in Playbooks curated and written by experts to inspire and challenge your teams in various areas, such as health & wellness, team building, working from home and more.

You can even create your very own Playbook!

Playbook Structure

Each playbook contains engaging and comprehensive training programs and VOD library, based on a theme or level of difficulty. Each activity in the training program or the VOD library called a Task.

How it Works

To complete a task (and earn points) participants need to respond with a picture or message. The picture can be branded with company stickers and shared to the company feed!

Creating a Playbook for Your Company

Have a specific theme or challenge for your employees?

Reaction makes it easy to design your own Playbook.

I’m an expert, how can I create and sell my playbook on Reaction?

While the Reaction platform comes with some built in free playbooks, we allow proven experts to create and sell playbooks in a specific area. For example, if you are a cocktails master and you can create interactive and engaging content for companies you may be able to create a playbook.