Connect & Energize Your Company with a Fitness Challenge!

Fitness challenges are a great way to create team bonding! With Reaction, you can choose or build an engaging fitness challenge for your team in less than 10 minutes!

A ready-to-use fitness challenge Playbook contains challenges for different durations and levels of difficulty. Each challenge has pre-recorded workouts and exercises, guided by world-class trainers and experts.

How does it work? Your team will receive access to your challenge via your customized Reaction Club app, where everyone can share photos post-workout to the app feed, and earn points for each task completed in the challenge! Reaction’s in-app leaderboard helps you determine your most engaged members and award prizes to the winners!

Creating your fitness challenge:

If you are already using Reaction, start from Step 2.

1. Log in to the Reaction platform - add your company name and logo.

2. Create a group or groups for your challenge

Group ideas:

  • Groups by Department - Marketing, Sales, R&D

  • Groups by Region - Europe, N.America, East Asia

  • Themed - lions, panthers, cheetahs- the options are endless!

3. In each group page, click “Add a Playbook, then find the “Challenge Pack” under the Fitness category.

4. After adding the Playbook, click on “Program Mode”, choose “Auto Mode”, select a plan and a start time.

5. Invite members to join your!

Tools that boost engagement:

Lead your team to victory with a coach: As a coach, you will have a dedicated app for tracking member progress, creating live events and more. Click here to learn how to add a coach.

Create live events: As a coach you can create livestream events for your team. Live events will automatically appear to members in their app. Click here to learn how to create an event.

Offer prizes: Engage in friendly competition by offering prizes for points earned by employees! Completion of a recorded task or participation in a live event earns members points: 1 point for a recorded task, 2 points for attending a live event! The leaderboard is accessible to all and fuels the fun! Winners can show off their prizes in the app’s feed as an extra incentive.

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