The Right Way to Measure Corporate Wellness Success

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Before starting any initiative, you need to set clear KPI’s that will guide you towards your ultimate goal. In the case of corporate wellness, many companies fail to measure the success of their adopted programs correctly or simply do not measure them at all. Obvious yet broad measures such as program cost or participation (the average participation rate is anywhere from 9-12%) often do not accurately show the ROI and therefore an organization doesn’t deem wellness programs to be valuable.

How can companies get the most out of their wellness programs? Here’s the game changer: shift the focus from sheer participation to employee engagement. Participation retention and results in wellness programs are deeply rooted in the connections employees make with the program and each other. Engagement should be measured in several ways, including reactions between employees, connection to company identity and values and connection across different departments and sites. By measuring these areas in relation to wellness, a company can increase the value of targeted wellness programs that address target numbers.

Don’t have access or a budget for a software to do this? You can start simple - create a group chat for one or more wellness initiatives and measure how many messages are being sent, how many pictures are uploaded, and how many people join the chat. Another option is to create a company wellness hashtag for social media and measure how many people are using it on their own channels. If you have the same wellness offering across different offices you can create shared wellness communication channels.

If you want to take it to the next level there are a few tools that will help you measure brand exposure. How many people saw post on social media from your company’s wellness program. Remember that your employees are the most authentic way to promote your brand and wellness is a fun and happy activity so most likely they will post happy, smiling pictures with your company’s hashtag.

A great KPI can be a 15%  increase in communication and  brand engagement each quarter. Those types of measurements will make your program stand out and demonstrate a positive ROI.

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