Project Avatar




Language:  English
Duration of session: 1.5 hour

Project Avatar is an out-of-this-world one-off game that is different from everything you’ve ever played online.The game takes place via Zoom. The number of players can be anywhere between 1 and 30. Right after you and your friends join the meeting, you are welcomed by a host who explains the game’s rules. Before the start of the game, you will see an introductory video that explains the plot.

Now the game starts. You and your team of players control the character Avatar, played by an actor on a real-world remote location, with voice commands. Avatar’s every movement and action in the game depends solely on your decisions. You have full access to the game location via camera from Avatar’s POV.

Project Avatar has all the attributes of an offline escape room, but the goal is not to escape. The game’s purpose is to get maximum points while competing for the mission you have been given. You collect points by finding the artifacts and solving the hidden logical puzzles. After your time in the game is over, your points are calculated. In the end, you get to meet the host once again for a couple of minutes to discuss your experience and learn how you score among other players.

Website: https://projectavatar.fun/

Terms: Price indicated is per person
Up to 10 players: 32$ per person.
10-15 players: – 10% discount.
15-30 players: 4577 $. Groups over 15 players are divided into 2 teams for a Stalker Battle mode. Each team plays with their own host and Avatar.


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