The Gratitude Scavenger Hunt- finding thankfulness together




Gratitude Scavenger hunt is an exceptional way to be thankful for something every day. You’ll find the Gratitude Scavenger Hunt full of ideas that are perfect for adults and kids.This is a scavenger hunt with a purpose – and that is to feel thankful and fortunate for the goodness that fills your life. Wait till you see the glow on your face after 6o minutes of fun and kindness.
So, come and join us for 60 minutes of pure happiness with your favourite people- be it friends, family or colleagues. Works perfectly with small groups and large groups alike. It is the perfect pick me up that can brighten up your day and will leave you with more energy to finish everything on your to-do lists!

In which language do you offer this activity?: English, Hindi
Duration of session: 1

Terms: Price is per person, please contact your coach for larger group booking enquiries


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