Virtual Candle-making Workshops




Rolled Beeswax kit LIVE Workshop

The kit includes everything to make and decorate 5 beeswax candles, including coloured beeswax sheets, wicks and step-by-step printed instructions.

A LIVE workshop delivered through the Reaction app, broadcast from our candle-making studio in Marlow, where we go through all the steps to make and decorate 5 rolled beeswax candles.

How it works

  • Kits dispatched either to corporate client, event company (organiser) or to each attendee’s home via Hermes, delivery service
  • LIVE workshop broadcast from our Marlow studio, delivered through Zoom
  • Live discussion, Q&A with attendees through online chat and Zoom
  • Option to introduce a competitive element, for example ‘the most imaginative candle’



Founded in 2008 by Sarah Ditchfield, MCIPD qualified trainer and professional candle-maker. Author of two candle-making books published by Dorling Kindersley and Search Press. We are the candle-making experience company® – passionate about creating fun, hands-on candle-making events.


Workshop duration: 45mins to 1 hour

Fee: $60 per kit (delivered worldwide) + $200 for the virtual session

In the kit you will make and decorate 5 rolled Christmas beeswax candles


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