With Reaction Club, you’ll build a flexible solution that will allow more of your company’s employees to join. They’ll receive a personalized program that will keep them engaged long-term. Participation reports will help you measure success and adjust the plan accordingly.

Renee W, Employee, L.A

"I never imagined that a running group at work could be so much fun! Other than the friendships I’ve developed with co-workers, the personal plan and the 24/7 coach Mark’s support helped me run my first 10k. This is definitely the best work benefit I’ve ever received!"

CJ, Employee, San Diego

"I’m already a runner so I didn’t get super excited when I first heard of the new running group at work. At first, I just used the online training plan, but then I realized how sharing my weekend runs with others on the app encouraged them to work out. In addition, I love the online community created at our work. It helps me sustain a better fitness routine and connect with others in the company."

Build it yourself

Are you or anyone in your team capable of leading the pack? Just download the Reaction Club Coach app, create a group, and invite your team members to join. Schedule onsite sessions and send a personal plan to each group member.