Create engaging, scalable playbooks for companies around the world

Are you an expert in your space? Turn your online content into a subscription-based income.

Create once, sell repeatedly

Content is king, triggering endless engagement within Playbooks.  Once your unique Playbook is published to the Reaction Playbook Library it can quickly become a best-seller among customers.

Choose your niche

Think about a Playbook like a digital course. Playbooks can be customized for any topic- vegetarian cuisine, magic tricks, meditation- anything that adds value to individual and team lives.

How to price my Playbook

Playbooks are priced per user, per month, and you get to keep 85% of your Playbook fees. 

For example if you price a Playbook at $2 and it will be used by 5,000 members at a certain month, you will receive 85% of $10,000 = $8,500/month.

Can companies or other experts copy my playbook?

No, your Playbook is exclusively yours.

How can I promote my Playbook to companies?

Invite companies that are interested in your Playbook to open an account on the Reaction platform, create a Group, and purchase your Playbook for their employees’ use. We encourage you to promote your Playbook online and spark the interest of more companies!

Can I be a Coach for my Playbook?

Yes! With the Reaction Coach app, you can create live sessions, track and support employee progress, post tips and more.

You can sell a company your Playbook OR as a package that combines your Playbook and coaching services.

Can I use my Playbook for personal clients?

Yes, you can create your own app with the Reaction platform and invite members to join.

How can I track my Playbook usage?

Each month you will receive a report of all companies using your Playbook, the number of members using your Playbook and total earnings.

...How do I get paid?

Reaction collects your payments and transfers the funds to your PayPal account.

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