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Casual engagement and a thriving company culture don’t happen on their own. Learn how top companies are using the Reaction platform to actively drive employee engagement success.

Ribbon Communications 

  • Service provider: Merav Hakosher

  • Category: Health & Wellness

  • Playbooks used: Team Bonding - Wellness Challenge


​By customizing the ‘Team Bonding - Wellness Challenge’ Playbook with their company brand and identity, Ribbon is able to deliver an effective and engaging wellness program to their employees worldwide.

Amdocs Global - Virtually Together 

  • Service providers: various 

  • Categories: Team Building, Health, and Wellness, New Employee Onboarding.

  • Playbooks used: Team Bonding, Challenge Pack, New Employees, Find Your Balance, including 5 Playbooks self-created by Amdocs team members!


​By creating and customizing their own Playbooks, Amdocs team leaders are able to quickly launch engaging programs across various employee experience categories.

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