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Why Employee Wellness Programs Fail and How To Make Sure Yours Doesn’t.

Reaction was founded by a professional triathlete, and two technical gurus. Together, they have enormous experience using technology to drive individual and team performance. They also realized that most HR departments keep making the same mistake over and over.

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The Biggest Mistake for HR Professionals to Avoid.

If HR spends months evaluating different Employee Wellness Programs, and then launches their choice to all employees at once, HR shouldn’t be surprised when employees feel this is just another program forced on them from the top. HR should expect low participation rates and low engagement.

The Reaction Difference. Employee Collaboration and Empowerment.

Professional coaches do NOT force pro athletes to adopt new technologies. Instead, they work together, to improve team and individual performance. We do NOT ask HR to choose Reaction and implement it. Instead, we give HR – and 10 of your employees – complete access to our program.  TODAY. FOR FREE. Let your employees participate. Let them start earning rewards. Listen to their feedback. Create new content based on their feedback. Ask them if they feel healthier and less stressed. In short, don’t force it on them. Build it together.

Big Successes, Always Start Small. Always.

Over 2 billion people have used Facebook, but the first users needed to have a Harvard email. Large groups of people NEVER suddenly change and simultaneously start doing something new. Devoted fans who say “you must try this,” create widespread adoption. So how do you make your employees, tell other employees, how much they love your wellness program?

HR. Don’t Implement. Lead!

Download Reaction now.  FREE for your first 10 employees. No credit card required. No obligation.

HR. Don’t Implement. Lead!

We provide the email, and SMS, messages you need to invite up to 10 employees for FREE.

Experiment. Collaborate. Innovate. Grow Together.

Reaction has something for everyone. Support for their emotional, physical and mental well being. See which programs the employees use.  Get feedback. Customize your program to meet their needs.

Test All The Most Popular Program and Features

Reactions has personal, real live, human coaches. Valuable rewards. Introductory programs for beginners. Programs to reduce stress, improve fitness and promote personal growth.

The Complete Wellness Solution for Hybrid Employees

Give Employees Rewards

Your 10 employees have full access to Reaction: include rewards. Employees can immediately earn points, which they can redeem for popular rewards like Starbucks gift cards.

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