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Bring your people together, boost morale, and enhance well-being with our fun and customizable employee wellness solution. Easy to use, multilingual, and compatible with both Android and iPhone.

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Customize Your Program

Implement plug-and-play wellness initiatives such as step challenges, breathing breaks, and a meditation club to help employees embark on a shared journey of wellness and maintain long-term motivation with the support of their colleagues

Team leader select team building activities

Invite members

Employees build their personal wellbeing habits plan, and gather with like-minded colleagues on a similar journey of wellbeing. By holding each other accountable, sharing achievements, supporting colleagues, and motivating each other, participants earn points that can be redeemed for cool rewards!

“We are loving this app so far. It’s very intuitive and the direct customer support is shockingly good”

Mark Longman, Google Review
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Spark conversations

Ai-driven engagement

Our platform incentivizes employee engagement and fosters meaningful conversations and mutual motivation through AI-generated icebreakers and GIFs

Streamline activities

Post your on-site or virtual wellness activities on the app to make them easily accessible to employees. Reaction will become your company’s one-stop shop for all things wellness, including activities, programs, and challenges.

Find hundreds of exclusive team-building activities on our marketplace and instantly book memorable experiences for your team


The admin dashboard empowers you to track participation, understand which activities work best for your team, identify the most engaged members, and discover what rewards motivate them.

Cover all pillars of wellbeing in a single place

The app features built-in programs in nutrition, mindfulness, movement, and personal growth, helping your team access expert content and build lasting habits

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