Connect & energise hybrid workforces

The only tool you need to make wellness in the workplace thrive

Take your wellness services to a new level of participation, retention and engagement. Unite teams and increase employees’ happiness and productivity.

Anywhere, anytime

Empower high performing hybrid teams

Host all your wellness services in a single hub. Provide round-the-clock access to interactive programs and a choice of in-person and live sessions. Convey measurable success through intelligent analytics.

Innovative features on a single platform

Experience the power when you use them together.

A centralised hub

Create a customisable app for your clients and host all your wellness services in one place. No more disparate tools interrupting your workflow.

Digital training programs

Build streamlined programs with integrated wellness apps. Meditate, workout, count steps, and more - all from the same place.

Schedule events

Coordinate virtual and in-person sessions. Maximise participation. Minimise hassle. Focus on facilitating greater wellness.

Points & rewards

Motivate members to stay on track with their goals, support their teammates, and encourage participation with a points and rewards system.


Engage with individuals or groups using the in-app chat. Foster personal bonds and collaboration within the entire organisation using the built-in company feed.

Reports & Analytics

Measure success and show clients their ROI based on engagement and retention data.

Individually tailored, while maintaining the social element so vital to the workplace

Envisage your services on an app customised with your client’s branding, enabling each of their employees to select a personal journey, supported by you.


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