Bhangra Dance Workshop!




Language(s): English, Hindi, Punjabi
Duration of session: 1 hour

Participants will enjoy a unique cultural and fitness experience throughout the class. We start all of our classes with stretching while discussing the history, background, and cultural context for Bhangra.

After ensuring that everyone has stretched, we begin our classes by teaching 2-3 carefully selected steps. We spend 15-20 minutes going deep into the technique, muscular usage, and weight transfer required for each step. By spending time on technique, we ensure that participants of all levels can develop a strong foundation for Bhangra that they can enjoy beyond just our class experience.

After stretching and technique, we teach a short 35-45 second choreography for the remainder of the class. The choreography utilizes the previously covered technique steps and also provides a tremendous exercise benefit through energetic repetition and performance elements. Participants are free to use the choreography anytime in the future so they can share their experience with others. Our choreographies also provide great dance floor material for any party or celebration!

This Experience is great for team-building! We can also customize the format to meet your organization’s needs.

Website: www.learnbhangra.com

Price stated is per person. Please contact your Reaction coach if you want to discuss size/price of larger group sessions.


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