Decode The Taj Mahal with Professional Tour Guide




Language: English
Duration of session: 1 Hour

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We all know when and who built the Taj Mahal.
But do you know what was the cost of building it?

We all also know where the lady of the Taj is resting in peace.

But do you know where’s the tombs of other two wives are?

People says that the Taj Mahal has four leaning towers.
But do they really lean?

Hi this is Asif. A professional tour guide with a license from government of India and I am going to take you virtually to the world of amazing history of Taj Mahal.

With me on this online tour experience you’ll know the history of the Taj Mahal and it’s interesting facts. Together we will walk around the Taj through a pre-recorded video and talk about its myths and mysteries exploring all of it right from entrance to the exit that too from the comfort of your home. Eventually I will reserve some time to take up your questions.

Terms: Price stated is per person, for group bookings please contact your host to discuss size/price


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