How to Paint with Red Wine




Language: English
Duration of session: 60 min – 75 min

This activity is very special, it is not only about the art but also about enjoying good company. We will learn to paint with RED WINE only. Sounds cool, right?

Living in sunny Barcelona, Spain, and having long busy days where all you want to do at the end of it is t relax with a glass of wine. And the idea of painting with red wine, came out after one of those long busy days! Relaxation and my artistic side came out at the same time. If this sounds good to you, then you chose the right activity.

At the moment very few artists use this technique. During the class I will explain the difference between wine medium and other traditional mediums. I will help you understand more about supplies we use and why we use those. I will guide you and help to solve your doubts, I will answer every question you have. I will bring out the artist that is inside all of us!

This experience is great for groups and team-building.

Other things to note
You will need a good internet connection and please, make sure you have all the requested supplies. It would be difficult to get a great result without proper watercolor paper.

Price is per person and group sessions are available at a discount:

4-7 people 20%
8-15 people 30%
16-30 people 35%
31-40 people 40%
more than 41 people 50%

Guests should bring:
* red wine
* watercolour paper 200 gsm density or higher
* paintbrushes
* tissues or kitchen towels
* pencil and eraser (optional)


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