Looking forward to a fun cooking event with your team?

Then, what are you waiting for? Join me, put your aprons on, grab your pans & twirl your spoons to prepare India’s most loved curry – Butter Masala, and alongside dance to the Indian music beats!

So bid your favorite Indian restaurants adieu & make this handmade love a part of your menu!

Teams from Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, SAP, HP & many others have already cooked & danced with us. We have also been rated 5 stars for this curry on my other event called Spice It Up with Dancing Indian Chef.

To spend some quality time with your team members, Butter Masala Curry is a great option. We will make this nutty creamy curry from scratch & explore its subtle nuances that will make all the differences.

This fun event is all about:
use ingredients that are easily available everywhere.
Suitable for vegan, nut free, vegetarians & meat eaters.
We will provide you with explanations for the spices used & also give its alternatives.

Don’t confuse it to be a regular cooking session. We dance & cook with beats! It will be a cooking party!

Or you can create a special and unique meal for yourself, just go to our instagram at kittyparty_spiceitup and curate a menu for your team.

And don’t forget to ask for Desserts and Drinks! We offer it all.

Bon Appétit!

Terms- Pricing is for groups of up to 100 people, for different sized groups please contact your coach