Mindful Meditation with Sleepy Sheep




Language?: English
Duration of session: 60 minutes

This a a live, “interactive podcast” with Dougal, and Lochie the sheep. Although they’re naughty sheep, this peaceful experience in our farmyard will help you to relax with de-stress techniques and meditation.Great for team bonding. Enjoyed by the New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes- these are famous sheep!

We look at stunning Scottish views , big skies and peaceful birdsong then meet the sheep up close with their big personalities . I will tell you some sheep stories, and you can ask me questions.

These lovelies come right up to the camera for snuggles. It is very calming to become part of the flock and to look into the half-closed eyes of a contented sheep. We’ll take a cue from these cuddly boys, learning some therapeutic breathing exercises to relax and virtually escape to the calm of our farm. Beccy, our yoga instructor daughter Rivkah will lead a 15-minute meditation with the sounds of nature to soothe you with mindful moments for nourishing, reflecting and renewing.

We’ll teach you some de-stress techniques for healthy remote working, then tiptoe away before lamb Fergus starts shouting for more cuddles
A relaxing Scottish escape with hilarious Herdwick sheep. Gorgeous

Website: www.teawithnaughtysheep.com

Terms & additional details: Price is per person, 10 minimum, 100 maximum. For group bookings please contact your coach to discuss options.


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