Sparkling Not So Scavenger Hunt for Christmas Maniacs


About this event 🏄‍♀️

Now open for bookings for the holiday season! Loved by the teams from Netflix, Salesforce, Federal Bank, Google, Facebook, etc. Are you looking for festive ways to do team building and have fun with friends and family.

Time to enjoy the NOT SO SCAVENGER HUNT with a twist! Wondering how? Well, that’s the surprise.

Each Christmas-special round  will make you competitive.  Will we confuse you to trap you in games based on prompts that you have been living with all your life, and can still be a challenge?  Check that out. 

An hour of rollicking and side-splitting fun will leave you wanting for more and is a guaranteed way to bond. 

Although you will play virtually but still with and against people.

Here is what our list of games look like:

  1. Let’s opine – a game where we make sure you do not reach a conclusion :), it may remind you of Christmas dinners where conversations don’t lead to anywhere
  2. Show me what you have NOT got – crack the riddle to show off your Christmas trinkets
  3. Never in your backpack: Ever wanted to be the funny one on a Christmas table?
  4. Don’t sing as it is -What is Christmas without some singing? So, we made a game out of it. 
  5. If you struggle to strike a conversation at Christmas parties, then we have a perfect game for you.

This Christmas edition has a host,  prompts, spirit, vibes, and everything that is festive. Now hosting 24*7.

Terms: Pricing is for up to 10 participants. Please contact your coach for larger group bookings

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