Healthy Eating At Work




Who it’s for:

Anyone who wants to make healthier food choices even when time or options are limited.

What it covers:

Even those of us who want to shop and eat more healthfully often feel overwhelmed as we are bombarded with news about what we should and shouldn’t eat. Much of this advice is confusing and conflicting. On top of this, we are increasingly having to make choices ‘on the go’, with restricted time and budget being a big consideration too – so nourishing ourselves and our families can seem increasingly challenging.


During this workshop you’ll learn:

  • The key ‘healthy eating’ guidelines to keep in mind
  • How to select healthy lunchtime meals and snacks no matter where you are – at work or on the road
  • How to plan quick and tasty lunch box meals at home.

Participants come away from the session with simple, practical techniques to make the smartest food choices while at work


Session duration: 45mins 


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