The Ultimate Game Night




What’s an awesome way to spend time with colleagues online? What’s a fun event that starts with a G? Game Night Without Compare!

Come and play a series of exciting games which involve wit, creativity, EQ, imagination, etc. This game night will give you a chance to know your colleagues through some very unique games!

This game night is ideal for
– Corporate events
– Monthly social hours
– Team Building
– Remote Team Connection

Get ready for 60 minutes of laughter, fun, and happiness on a zoom call!

*This experience is 100% customizable- We will connect with the person who books this online experience to collect information about members, which will be used to customize games. Each experience is unique and tailor-made each time afresh!

Games like
> Show me what you have got
> Dumb Charades
> Two Truths and a Lie
> Once Upon a time
> Two Fiery-BONUS Rounds
& more!

At the end of this game night, only ONE winner walks away with a trophy. Are you up for the challenge?

Now hosting 24×7

Language: English
Duration of session: 1 hour

Price indicated is for up to 150 guests


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