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Take your corporate volunteering program to the next level

A unique virtual learning experience facilitated by your team, experts in your field. In this activity, the Reaction team will find out more about your Company before finding the best volunteering opportunity for your team. Some activities include teaching skills to kids, old people, and more. The fee covers the cost of a facilitator for the activity.

What are the benefits of corporate volunteering?

There are many benefits that result from giving employees the chance to volunteer – often for all three parties involved, the employer, the employee and the charitable cause.

  • Skilled support for charities: Giving staff the opportunity to volunteer gives many charities access to highly skilled people that they may not have been able to get. 
  • More engaged employees: the more employees are encouraged to volunteer, the more engaged they are within their place of work. This includes greater productivity, employee satisfaction and employees with higher morale. 
  • Employee skill and personal development: volunteering gives employees a fresh perspective and even more of a chance to grow. 
  • Employee satisfaction: having employees getting involved in socially constructive events can strengthen their bond with each other and within the company itself.
  • Personal benefits for employees: volunteering can help employees feel valued and allows them to see just how important their skills are. 
  • Recruitment and retention: An effective corporate volunteering programme helps to attract, engage, motivate and retain a motivated workforce.
  • Strong appeal to the purpose generation: Millennials and Gen-Z are often referred to as the purpose generation. A name they have gained due to their commitment to changing the world and making it a better place. With the purpose generation growing in the workplace every year, we are seeing a shift towards a workforce that cares not just about take home pay, but also doing corporate good. 

This is a tailor-made activity that will be built for your team size. Fees are covering the facilitator’s work. 




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