Elimination of Women's Violence day Workshop




Duration – 30 minutes

Language- English

Join Michele Johnson’s talk where she will cover the origin of International Elimination of Women’s Violence day and share statistics relating to domestic violence and the significance of psychological / mental abuse pertaining to women specifically, which directly ties into narcissistic abuse. Michele will cover the covert tactics employed by abusers including coercive control, isolation, stonewalling, gaslighting, etc. Narcissistic abuse as a form of domestic violence would be her primary focus. Michele’s goal, as always, is to empower potential victims through providing information and promoting self regard. Corny but true, knowledge truly is power.

Michele Johnson is a Trauma Recovery Facilitator, specializing in Narcissistic Abuse

• MA, BA Psychology, cum laude
• Energy Medicine Certified
• Narcissistic Abuse experience in family of origin as well as ‘romantic’ entanglement
• Bereaved parent
• Published Author (release date 12/2022- 1/2023)
• Disability Advocate


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