About Reaction

Reaction’s mission is to make work a place where employees feel valued, connected, and motivated.

Who we are

Think of Reaction as your company's Engagement OS. Our team wakes up and goes to sleep thinking about how we can make it easy to connect and energize workforces, ensuring every employee feels valued, connected, and motivated.

What we do

Through our innovative platform, we provide a range of team-building activities, wellness programs, recognition tools, rewards, and other features designed to bond teams and boost workplace culture.

How we do it

Our four values guide our actions and operations every day: prioritize connection, foster inclusivity, inspire wellness, and celebrate achievements. These principles ensure that we create a vibrant, supportive environment for every team.


Over 5,000 companies are using Reaction 




Employees touched

Engagement OS

  • Team building activities
  • Wellness challenges & programs
  • Recognition & rewards
  • Community creation tools
  • Engagement tracking and management


Reaction’s Co-Founder & CEO, Yonatan Malka, brings a unique perspective to team building, drawing from his experience as a professional athlete. Known for his talk “3 Winning Strategies to Build High-Performing Teams,” Yonatan’s passion for fostering connected, motivated teams led him to co-found Reaction alongside CTO Arie Kogan. Together, they’ve built a platform that empowers companies to strengthen relationships and create thriving workplace cultures.

Yonatan Malka Talk about winning teams

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