Team Building Made Easy 

Learn how Reaction's features facilitate generating casual communication, team bonding and a strong sense of belonging for your remote workforce.


The Key to Engagement.

Playbooks function like apps within the Reaction system. Their content playlists combine with a mechanism that engages users and transforms the Reaction app according to their area of interest. 

For example, If you add a photo blogging Playbook to your app, users will experience Reaction as a photo blog creation app, with relevant content and push notifications.

Multiple Playbooks can be added to Reaction,  allowing participants to switch between different content without the need to add or replace the app.

You can create your own Playbooks, buy unique Playbooks made by world class experts or simply use the built-in, FREE Playbook Library.



Your Hub for Casual Communication, Virtually

This interactive feed serves to engage and maintain one communication channel for all employees, across group and Playbook participation. Employees love sharing their experiences and encouraging one another, while team leaders share relevant messages with ease.



Where Human Touch Meets Tech

At Reaction, we know how invaluable the accountability and motivation from leaders-Coaches is! That’s why we provide a dedicated Reaction Club Coach app that makes it easy to track progress, create live events and provide real-time support to program participants.

You can invite internal or external experts to lead groups and create live events. Coaches give participants the extra push to complete their Playbook programs with personalized messages and support.

Live Events

Bring People Together

Manage one calendar for all teams’ extracurricular events, track registration and attendance, automatically record events and provide a seamless participant experience.

Food Blogger

Virtual Coffee Corner

The Place to Take a Break

The Virtual Coffee Corner is a quick, fun way for employees and team members to have casual, “watercooler” conversations. These spontaneous, up to 10-minute interactions are the perfect solution to combat video call fatigue and maintain connections across the company.

Analytics and Reports

Data driven team building

Gain insights about features and activities that inspire informal communication in your team. Identify disconnected team members who are most likely to contribute to churn. Reaction’s analytics and reports dashboard helps you continuously improve your team members’ micro interactions, bonding, and belonging.

Similing Team

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