Aurora Hunting in Iceland




Language: English
Duration of session: 60 minutes

Have you ever wanted to hunt for the Aurora?
Do you have what it take to become an Aurora Hunter?

# This experience is great for team building or special occasions.
I’ve hosted team from GOOGLE, UBER, FACEBOOK, SHOPIFY, ALIBABA and many special occasions like BIRTHDAY, FAMILY REUNIONS and ANNIVERSARY.

>> You will step into my footsteps and see from my point of view as you’ll become the Aurora Hunter for a day.
*First you will learn all about this natural phenomenon Aurora Borealis also known as The Northern Lights.

# Why does it create these beautiful colors? Not only green.
# When is the best time to see them?
# What is the infamous KP Rating?

>> After you gain the knowledge, then we will start the virtual Aurora Hunt. The hunt start from my house, then we will drive out of the city away from all the lights pollution. When we get to our location, we will hunt for this amazing lights.

# The video was recorded LIVE REAL TIME and in first person view (so you’ll be seeing from my prospective and walk in my footsteps. I will be talking to you and explaining everything I’m doing in the video.
I recorded it a way that You will have the same feeling and views as if you are here in person.

Website: www.dannytkaze.com

Price = per group session


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