Breathe Laugh Move flowing with Life




Language(s): English, Italian, French
Duration of session: 1 hour

It’a a path to discover yourself, flowing true life, achieving a deep peace, feeling joyful and gratitude.
We will start with breathing exercises, going ahead through yoga ones combined with music, ending with a meditation to balance our body, soul and mind.

You will learn how to detox your body, manage stress, smile to life.

It’s a unique experience, customized on your needs, you will discovers special tools for your health, some secrets from Traditional Medicine and a special gift: a recipe from my grandma knowledge to boost your health.

Website:  www.connectendo.com

Terms: There is minimum of 4 participants, for a better experience people should have a yoga mats, a chair and a small pillow.

Price indicated is per person- for large groups please contact your head coach to discuss size/price


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