Decoding Healthy Eating




Understand how the role of macro nutrients has shifted in recent years and uncover the new paradigm of nutrition. Do some foods make you tired and sleepy? Would you like to learn how to eat to sustain your energy levels? Are you ready to quit your food addictions?

• Identify the hormonal ramifications when we overstimulate the body with caffeine and sugar and find out what our body is really craving
• Discuss the effect of inflammation in the gut and how the role stress plays in triggering certain food choices and its impact on digestion
• Introduce the concept of intermittent fasting as a strategy to regulate energy levels, lower blood sugar levels, weight loss, reverse aging, and improve digestion
• Gain awareness of current tendencies and learn practical mindfulness tips to ascertain how certain foods affect energy levels and clarity of thought

Duration of session: 1 hour

Website: https://inspire-yoga.com/corporate-wellness/


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