The Power of Mindfulness by Dr. Shauna Shapiro




SHAUNA SHAPIRO, PHD, is a best-selling author, professor, clinical psychologist and internationally recognized expert in mindfulness and self-compassion. She has spent two decades studying the benefits of mindfulness and compassion, publishing over 150 papers and three critically acclaimed books. Her TEDx Talk, What You Practice Grows Stronger, has been viewed over 2.5 million times.

In this workshop, Dr. Shauna Shapiro ― an internationally recognized expert in mindfulness ― will teach you the most powerful practices to live a happier, healthier, more meaningful life. She explains basic brain science and shows how we can rearchitect the very structure of our brain to decrease stress, boost creative thinking and strengthen our sense of belonging and purpose. Dr. Shapiro offers a science-based roadmap for strengthening leadership skills, increasing professional well-being, and building better lives and communities.

Duration: 60mins

Link to website: drshaunashapiro.com

Link to TEDx Talk



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