Harry Potter, Magic in Edinburgh




Language: English
Duration of session: 1 hour

Join David as we walk around the beautiful city of Edinburgh, seeing it through the eyes of J.K Rowling. From her poor beginnings to a billionaire author.

First, we’ll do our own Hogwarts House test for all the muggles. There will be a Harry Potter trivia competition between the houses, so all need to be sorted!

We’ll start our tour of Edinburgh using moving images to keep the action fluid and accessible to people will all internet speeds. We’ll show you the places where J.K Rowling drew her inspiration, such as the school believed to be the inspiration for Hogwarts, the shops that found their way into Diagon Ally, the graveyard where she got her characters’ names, and much, much more!

Along the way, I’ll tell you about the inspiration for some of the most loved characters, and we’ll finish with the final quiz to see which Hogwarts house wins.

I also give extra house points to those who show up in costume.

website: thatguidewithglasses.com

Terms: price is per person, for larger groups please contact your coach for pricing


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