Learn about Christmas Spices with Dancing Chef




!! Special Festive Cooking Menu is Available!!

Welcome to the magical world of Spices. This experience is the first step for you to experience the transformative power of Spices & add them to your life in amazing ways.

It is perfect for families and corporates. Received 5-star reviews from MIT, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Capital One, HP, AllBirds & many others.

Every Spice has a hidden secret that we will unlock together and learn how to best use the spice in your daily lives – to add & combine flavours together, support your health & get creative in using them.

You will walk away with the skills to use these spices in unique ways & get the confidence to experiment with the spices in your life. As a Bonus, we will blend this experience of spices with jazzy dance moves which will add an extra layer of fun and frolic. The right beats and easy to learn dance moves will inspire you to shake it up & move your body.

More Options :

1 . Make Butter Masala Curry: The super creamy and smooth curry with a perfectly tuned orchestra of flavours.

2. Make Quick Spicy Meal: Spice up rice, potatoes, yoghurt & salad & make a soul-soothing quick meal.

3. Make cold or warm drinks using spices.

4. Make the healthy Indian whole wheat bread with flavoured yoghurt.

All customizations are possible. Perfect for those who want to actively participate and those only want to relax and watch.

Terms- Pricing is for groups of up to 100 people, for different sized groups please contact your coach

Duration – 1 hour


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