Christmas Spiced Drinks with Dancing Chef




Your beloved Dancing Chef is bringing you unique spiced drinks. Get into the festive mood with these delicious spiced drinks. You can choose either chilled or warm drinks as per your likings.

Highly appreciated by the teams of Ebay, Airbnb, Resmed, Techno Serve and many more.
We will blend this experience of spices with jazzy dance moves which will add an extra layer of fun & frolic. The right beats & easy to learn dance moves will inspire you to shake it up & move your body.
The event is Great for Groups and Team Building (you can request a date & time at your convenience).
You can choose up to 3 drinks that you would like to make :

1.Turmeric Latte ( A golden drink hitting all the perfect nodes of winter spices.
2.Nuts Got Stained (A dessert in your cup with the right hints of species & with the color of saffron)
3. Peanut – Coffee Celebration ( Peanut butter, coffee and lovely vanilla coming together to warm up your winters)
4. Beetroot Warmth ( Coziness served in a red velvety warm latte)
5. Mulled Wine ( The perfect spiced booze in your mug )
6. Mulled Apple cider or Apple Juice. ( The love of winter spices blending with Apple )
7. Apple Pie in a Cup ( A warm apple pie served in your mug)
8. Christmas Spiced Hot Chocolate ( Spicing up the chocolate will be perfect)
9. Chai Masala ( aromatic black tea with spices & ginger infused.

10. Sunny Almonds almonds getting yellow hue with spices.

11. Golden Ginger Ale with Turmeric- experience the blasting ginger notes with the golden color of turmeric.
12.Spiced Lemonade- tangy, sweet and sour – all in one.
13. Sweet Lassi- the drink that goes best with everything on the Indian menu.
14. Savory Lassi- super refreshing authentic Indian drink.
15. Spiced Cucumber Punch- blast of flavors in your mouth.
16. Spiced Coca Cola- you will never go back to the old Coca Cola.

Duration- 1 hour

Terms- Pricing is for groups of up to 100 people, for different sized groups please contact your coach


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