We specialise in tailored meditation for teams. Sessions are suitable for all ages and experience levels and can take place in a chair or on a mat.


Below are examples of the types of Meditations we offer:


A powerful guided technique that helps you visualize an experience. This can help you prepare for outcomes such as a stressful presentation and tap into positive sensations, that will help you relax and heal. Guided imagery can transport you into a safe, soothing environment like a sunny beach or wooded forest, where you can tune in to the sights, sounds and smells


Be fully present, aware of where you are and what you are doing. Improve mental wellbeing by paying attention in the moment, to your thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you.

Bring awareness to your senses and observe your thoughts and emotions. Suspend judgment and unleash natural curiosity. Through body scans and observational thought you can feel grounded, so you are not overly reactive or overwhelmed. Notice signs of stress and anxiety early so you can take action quickly.

Compassion & Kindness

A focused guided meditation that sends and receives loving kindness. This fosters positive feelings of love and care towards yourself and others. Experience more joy, gratitude and contentment. Improve all relationships, especially the one with yourself. Quieten your inner critic, descreas negative emotions and increase positive feelings.

Proven to reduce symptoms of depression, migraine and chronic pain and generally increase feelings of satisfaction and self worth.

Session duration: 30mins



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