Mindfulness Manifested Lecture




Do you feel overwhelmed by the rapid changes and unprecedented situations the world faces? Would you like to learn a healthy outlet to release the pressure you face? Are you ready for structured techniques to learn how to attain calm and clarity?

  • Actively participate in bringing attention and awareness to your mental chatter rather than desensitize from it, the precursor to cultivating empathy and lasting relationships
  • Experience mindfulness guided through 3 powerful techniques that bring mental clarity to the present moment
  • Practical tips for becoming single-pointed and more effective through mindfulness that can be practiced anytime and anywhere
  • Learn the neurochemistry of stress, the base emotion that it carries and how to use the parasympathetic nervous system for sustainable progress
  • Identify emotional blockages that have been held in the body for years and release them in minutes
  • Understand the role of our thoughts, emotions, and energy, setting an intention for acceptance and gratitude

Speaker Profile

Neelam Harjani is the founder of Inspire Yoga, operating in Hong Kong since 2011 with her vision of “providing an antidote for fast-paced city life” through personalized onsite programs of yoga and mindfulness. In Hong Kong, Neelam counsels multinational organizations and statutory bodies of the HK government in wellness, stress management, and mental health. As the author of “Secrets to Live Stress-Free” her vision to create self-awareness as a starting point for balance has been well received by busy executives and high-performing corporations.

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