Positive Thinking with a Paralympic Hero: Stephen Miller




Language: English
Duration of session: 1 Hour

Do you want to thrive under pressure and embrace uncertainty?

In this interactive session, you will discover how to build a positive mindset that will change your way of thinking to see adversity not as a barrier, but as an opportunity to improve and learn. 

Enjoy listening to my stories of determination and grit in the face of adversity and discover my secrets to performing under pressure. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, take part in activities, see my Paralympic medals, and watch footage of me competing! This is truly unique, and all you have to bring is an open mind. Leave motivated and energised!

*Duration can be adapted

Twitter: @hailfabio
IG: hailfabio1

Website: stephenjamesmiller.co.uk

Terms: Max 100 people, Larger groups available but pricing will be different


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