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***COVDI19 – Due to covid19 we are currently not running our practical team challenges in the regular manner. These will hopefully be back up and running once the government guidelines and policy change, once they are, we will let you know.

Employee Volunteering Opportunity

Community Southwark (CS) is the main provider of support and advice to the voluntary and community sector in Southwark. Community Southwark has years’ of experience working with the voluntary and community sector at a local level (this includes social activists, social enterprises and charitable organisations). We are deeply committed to supporting a strong and thriving sector in the borough

On a Practical Team Challenge day, we introduce the organisation in the morning to give your team some context for the work they’ll be doing, and an insight into the impact and significance of the work. We then give a full health and safety and tools talk, so that everyone knows what to do and how to do it. We give a detailed explanation of tasks we will tackling on that day, and volunteers split themselves into smaller teams based on the tasks and their own ability. Then we get to work.

Each of our Practical Team Challenges is designed to achieve real and tangible impact that can be seen by your team at the end of the day.


Location: London, Wouthwark

Cost: Add $2,279 + VAT + £30 per head for tools and materials

Website: ://www.communitysouthwark.org/


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