Self Healing Art Therapy




Language: English
Duration of session: 90 minutes

1. (Participants do not need to be an artist.) This is an experience to explore and understand our individuality and emotions through this art form. I will be teaching some mindfulness based art work patterns. Generally only patterns and textures will be covered.
2. Participants will be guided to do this art or drawing by synchronizing their breath. Mindfulness and breadth focus is achieved through art activity.
3. In the second part , participants are taught a few more patterns and they have to express themselves through a creative art exhibit that they learned in the session.

A complete mindful and meditation session based on Art. This will instantly increase focus and calm the mind.

Website: www.linkedin.com/company/80812844/admin/

Terms: Price indicated is per person, to discuss large group bookings please contact your Reaction coach

Participants should bring: A4 sheets paper, marker pen, normal pen, black sketch, colour pencils, pencils


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