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We spend a third of our lives asleep but we very rarely give it a second thought until it abandons us. Recent research has shown that 57% of adults say they struggle with their sleep – and as a consequence between 1% and 3% of GDP lost due to lack of sleep in the U.K. each year.

The Sleep Advice Webinar looks at why and how we sleep and why we should value sleep more. We address the issue of working long hours, which many employees face in the banking industry, and offer practical solutions to help employees manage their sleep and improve their daytime energy. We then look at the causes of poor sleep before looking at the latest techniques available to control and improve your sleep. The webinar also looks at a number of other related topics related to sleep, including caffeine, alcohol, sleep apps, sleeping pills and napping, amongst others.

Sessions can be tailored to suit the industry needs.

Duration of session: 1 hour (45 minute Presentation, 15 minute Q&A)

Website: www.elite-sleep.co.uk


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