The Children’s Game Carnival for Adults – Christmas Edition




Adulting is hard and especially when it majorly includes all the workload and a race to win in the professional world. It is even harder when all this needs to be done without actually running outside but by sitting on a chair all day long.

Naughty or nice – everyone loves good Christmas parties/family games. They are a great way to be nostalgic about everything that brings smiles, laughter and giggles.

This game night is designed to give the guests an experience of walking down the memory lane and revisit all the fun that they had growing up – only with our christmas-themed party games.

Each round is ‘child’s play’ and we mean that quite literally, but do you think that you will be able to ace this game night and claim the top spot? Let’s see!

The games include a fun lineup:

  1. Dear Santa, Never Have I Ever….
  2. Santa has hidden words in images. Let’s find them. 
  3. Name Place Animal Things!
  4. Christmas Riddles
  5. Shhh… If you have been shying away from asking questions then please don’t, because this Christmas,  Santa wants you to ask more questions…

Let the child in you “ROFL”  in this Christmas themed game night and let’s create memories for a lifetime.

Now hosting 24*7.

Terms: Pricing is for up to 10 participants. Please contact your coach for larger group bookings


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