Wellness at Work: Strategies for Establishing a Healthy & Vibrant Company Culture




In this talk, Corporate Wellness Expert Kristel Bauer will share tips and strategies to create a work environment where employees can thrive. You will learn how to enhance communication skills using active listening, body language and tips to create a community where employees feel valued. You will discover how to enhance emotional intelligence and empathy while supporting a growth mindset. Kristel will share stress management practices such as mindfulness, incorporating self-care into the workday and lifestyle tips for optimal health and well-being.

Here is a testimonial Kristel received about this talk:

“I greatly enjoyed Kristel’s recent presentation at the Quirks Insight conference in Chicago. I’m A-type by nature, so attended every possible session and Kristel’s was one of the most inspiring, uplifting, yet soothing talks! I’m no stranger to health and wellness working in the healthcare arena, yet, Kristel’s talk was erudite, clear, and thought provoking throughout. I particularly enjoyed her touching on various practical interventions to boost one’s inner well being, but in addition, branching that out to influence positively all those around you, from corporate teams, clients, and other customers. At the end of the day, as Kristel emphasized so well, there is a positive synergy between self nurturing and optimally impacting others. I would highly recommend her as an expert and positive influencer in this space.”

— David DiCicco, President DiCicco Research

Kristel Bauer is a top Keynote Speaker, TEDx speaker, and top 1% self-improvement podcast host of Live Greatly. She has extensive experience in health and wellness as an Integrative Medicine Fellow and Physician Assistant having practiced in Integrative Psychiatry and more. Kristel has been featured as a Top 10 influencer in Forbes and she is a contributing writer for Entrepreneur. She is also a wellness media expert having been on ABC 7 Chicago, Ticker News and WGN.


Duration of session: 30 minutes

Website:  www.livegreatly.co


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