comprehensive corporate wellness solution

The most comprehensive corporate wellness solution

To meet the needs of your entire workforce – the Reaction platform enables you to offer employee programs covering all aspects of wellbeing. Pre-recorded and live. All in a single app. 

Making Wellness Programs Work

There's no one size fits all

You know your employees have different needs. But that does not mean you need to purchase different products or services. Reaction provides you with a single hub covering: physical, mental and emotional aspects of wellbeing.

Each employee can select programs and sessions to match their goals and needs. Instead of building a company wellness program, you’ll offer a personalised wellbeing program to each one of your employees.

Reaction Wellbeing Map

Easy to implement

Ready-to-use programs

The Reaction app comes with built-in programs, enabling employees to build a personal wellbeing routine for their own goals and needs. Employees can add or remove

Stress & Anxiety

Strength & Cardio


Stretching & Movement



Live sessions led by real coaches

Designed to allow you to launch a workplace wellbeing program in minutes, the Reaction app provides your employees with access to live workouts and lectures led by wellness experts. 

Integrated calendar

You can integrate vendors you are working with into the same calendar, so your employees can see all the activities in your company in a single hub. 

Weekly Events

Built-in sessions in multiple languages and time zones. 

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