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Create a wellbeing program adapted to your hybrid working style

Reduce stress, improve fitness, and eat better. Select your goals, and your coach and colleagues will motivate you to get there.

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The Reaction Club app inspires, motivates, and guides employees in a hybrid workplace to improve their wellbeing.

Designed by some of the world’s best wellbeing experts, our coaching philosophy includes:

Programs, not “one-offs”

Our app is not a “YouTube-like” library of content, because we know that building long-lasting habits demands focus, a gradual increase in challenge, and consistency. Just like professional athletes who don’t do random workouts, we focus on programs adapted to each individual’s needs. That means journeys that make a difference.

Employee in the middle of a circle with a few options for wellness programs

A combination of tech and touch

When it comes to wellbeing, we believe there’s no replacement for the human touch. That’s why we use technology to empower humans, rather than replacing them. The result is individuals that stick with their programs longer and build habits that last.

Leveraging the power of social awareness

Grouping people with similar goals together is a powerful way to increase accountability and make the journey more fun. 

Building motivation through small wins:

Instead of setting very challenging goals and working weeks or months to achieve them, we prefer to set a few challenging but more realistic goals that can be achieved quickly, one after the other. That’s because we know that when people achieve goals, they gain more confidence and motivation to reach the next goal.

Finding your motivation (today)

We understand that different people are motivated by different things, on different days. That’s why we work with four layers of motivation to help people find what works for them on any given day.

Program categories on our app

Stress Less

Improve Fitness

Eat Well

Stretch Easily

Personal Growth

Run Smarter

Live-streamed sessions

Our 20-30 minute sessions are led by experts and designed to motivate you to take a break to learn a new skill, laugh, get inspired, or just refresh your mind. Companies can edit the event section by adding their on-site or online events to quickly find all the wellbeing activities your company offers in one place.

Weekly Events

Built-in sessions in multiple languages and time zones. 

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